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Those were the days, when you still personally knew each and every bit of your computer's operating system... And a new computer was of course shipped together with a programming manual and a circuit diagram!

Booties and pickings

Currently, my small collection of 80s' microcomputers encompasses:

  • An Amiga 1200 with 2 disk drives, CD-ROM, SCSI hard drive and 68030 board.
  • An Apple II Europlus with 2 disk drives, an amber CRT monitor, serial and parallel interface cards and 2 paddles.
  • An Apple IIe (unenhanced) with 2 disk drives, a green CRT monitor, 80 columns card and parallel interface.
  • An Atari ST1040 (also not duly examined yet).
  • A Commodore PET/CBM 3032, provisionally using a Datasette 1530 for mass storage.
  • A fully functional Commodore VIC20 motherboard which is currently allowed to dwell in a C64 casing.
  • Three Commodore 64s (two broken) with three 1541 disk drives, each in both the brown and the white color variant.
  • A Commodore 128 with various accessories (not properly catalogued yet).
  • A resurrected, but currently again comatose Sharp MZ-80A.
  • A TI 99/4A with speech synthesizer, peripheral expansion unit, 32kB-RAM expansion, RS232-interface and floppy disk drive.

Anyone wanting to treat me? I'm still looking for...

  • a floppy disk drive for the PET (e.g. a 2031, a 4031 or a 4040)
  • an 8-bit Atari (like an 800 XL)
  • an Amiga 1200
  • any other Computer which is neither IBM compatible nor an Apple Macintosh or similar.