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The first computer I actually wanted to own. Shortly after marvelling at the Apple II at my school buddy's house, I read an article about the capabilities of so-called "micro computers" in the August 1981 issue of P.M. ("Peter Mosleitner's interssantes Magazin"), a popular (almost) scientific magazine I used to subscribe to those days. The author described his own machine, which, according to the published photograph, obviously was the 4A's predecessor, e.g. a TI-99/4 (without "A").

It quickly became somewhat silent around this first 16 bit home computer, due to its, well, let's say: unconventional hardware architecture and the emergence of surprisingly powerful 8 bit competitors like the C64 and the Atari XL line.

Now, three decades later, I was lucky to get a vintage TI including one of those huge peripheral expansion system (PES) units from one of my wife's colleagues. (I must admit that I ruined the main console during an attempt to replace its faulty RAM, but meanwhile I got a new old console to fill all those wonderful peripherals and cartridges with life.)