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When the kids discovered video production as a new hobby (initially doing stopped-motion movies with Danish bricks), their Dad soon also became involved, eager to try out some techniques used in movie-making for creating special effects. Thanks to the fact that nowadays digital video equipment is quite affordable, one can do incredible stuff at home and create effects that have for a long time been feasable in professional film-making only. And the best thing is: There are loads of free and open-source multimedia tools available for hobby film makers, most notably the KDE non-linear video editor Kdenlive!



Here's a list of tools that proved handy during video production and post-processing:


  • ImageMagick - for batch processing of images and pattern generation
  • Gimp - for bitmap-based image manipulation
  • Inkscape - for drawing vector shapes


  • Audacity - for soundtrack editing and sound generation
  • Rosegarden - for creating music and sound using MIDI equipment