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...reigns the world -- so they say. Personally, I consider fashion one of the most unimportant things in the universe. Yet I made some attempts in fashion design, as can be seen below.

Astro Nerd Shirts

This is the result of some attempts to generate spiral-like distorted patterns using POV-Ray. The resulting bitmap images where vectorized and post-processed using Inkscape.


This design is actually not my own creation -- however, since I can't remember where I have first seen it, I'm unfortunately unable to properly credit the original artist.

Anyway, fans of vintage 8-bit computers may download the logo as SVG image from the link below. As usual, the file was created using Inkscape; and for C64 enthusiasts, there's a 6510 version, too!


Not so cute animals

It has always bugged me that bugs and other non-furry and non-feathery animals rarely made their way into kids' books and animal photo calendars!

Drawn using the free vector graphics software Inkscape.



Inspired by a great Simpsons episode in which Bart and Milhouse discover in Flanders' basement a cult room dedicated to a band named after the above mentioned insect family, stuffed with devotional objects including a stock of soft drinks. The band's photo was, by the way, alienated using a tooning technique.


An alle Abmahnanwälte, selbsternannten Wettbewerbshüter und sonstige Internet-Kaputtmacher: Bevor sich zum Beispiel die Apfelfirma, die vom Kadaver der schon länger aufgelösten Käfer-Bänd lebt, die Macher der gelben US-Comicfiguren oder eine recht bekannte Chip-Schmiede, die meint, sich eine nachgestellte englische Präposition schützen lassen zu können, über meine T-Shirt-Creationen aufregen, mögen diese mir erst mal beweisen, dass sie zu künstlerischen Leistungen ähnlicher Schöpfungshöhe fähig sind, bevor sie die Abmahnmaschinerie anwerfen.